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I’m Lucy (she/her), a clinical psychologist living and working on unceded Dharawal country.

I have been working in mental health for over a decade, in a number of government, non-government and research settings. Most recently, I have worked with young people (12–25-year-olds), survivors of violence, abuse and neglect, and people experiencing anxiety and distress caused by changes outside of their control.  I practice with an Integrated Framework, meaning I draw on a range of types of therapy when working with people. These can include Narrative Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Response Based Therapy, Family Therapy and Open Dialogue. I am always conscious of the robust research that suggests the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor when it comes to therapeutic outcomes, regardless of approach.

I have worked alongside other mental health professionals, including Lived-Experience peer workers and social workers for a large part of my career. I highly value the knowledge and skills that come with living and recovering from psychological distress. I acknowledge the impact of structural oppression and social injustices on psychological wellbeing. I also believe that people are resisting against these factors in small but meaningful ways every day. I welcome people of all identities and expressions. I regularly reflect on the ways I am staying accountable to claims of inclusivity in my practice.

Lucy McGuirk Psychology
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